The birthday calendar 1

The First Birthday Calendar

October 10, 2015

In every household in Holland, you will find the Birthday Calendar (de verjaardagskalender), which is a pretty cool calendar of all the birthday of all your family members. The location of this calendar: the toilet, bathroom or the loo!

The calendar is not just any kind of calendar, the purpose of this calendar is to record birthdays. Therefore, there is no year it’s a perpetual calendar. There is not need purchase or update one every year. However, since this project was a total success we have done it two years in a row.

For this project, we suggested the idea of creating a Birthday Calendar as great holiday presents for all family members to have and for them to start that tradition as well. We created the concept, art direction, photography setting, styles, design, production and printing. All photography was done by Studio8 in Varna, Bulgaria.

My Calendar 2014
The first idea came at the end of 2013. The client wants it to create a memorable present for all the family members for the one year birthday of Andrea. After many ideas, we end up creating a dutch calendar following their dutch roots. We want it to focus on the child and play with the seasonality. Suggested different outfits for the seasons and created custom typography for the calendar. We want it to be happy, festive, colorful and very cute. Friendly typography and pastel colors were the winning combinations.