A Guide to ModuDay

January 24, 2016

Sports-dancing system ModuDay is meant to help the body wake up after the long sleep at night. The exercises are to be performed only once, without changing their sequence. The word ModuDay expresses namely this consequence of constructed techniques which determines it as a “system”. It is recommended that you stir well while still in bed and add ModuDay in your personal everyday hygiene.

When you work out ModuDay for endurance, body shaping and acquiring new abilities you have to pay particular attention to the correct estimation of the counts of each repeated movement. Even without pain quantitative accumulations lead to qualitative alterations.

Overdoing repeated movements can worsen the results and may lead to excessive work-load with inflammatory effect. The movements of the body decrease calories and beneficial substances. That’s why we need the balance between use up and charge – physically and mentally. Extremes are harmful.

ModuDay is the new way of attitude toward inner and outer world of the human.

Only those who practice regularly can achieve this transformation for better existence.