About Us

ArtTracer, LTD has more than 13 years in business. When we started, we just want it to publish our own books, but now we are not publishing our own set of books, but to a large range of products and clientele.

In the last 13 years, the world of print has changed so much. Many people think that print is dead, but in our minds print is not dead, it rather evolving. However, we cannot deny that digital world is here and it is an existing one. Today, printed books are more than just a text on paper, they have become an interactive platform.

Just imagine reading your book on a tablet with interactions, multi-touch, narrations, videos, music and much more. Nevertheless, we are just so happy to see all our options open in the world of publishing.

Here are few of our Services:

  • Print Design
    • Book
    • Calendar
    • Brochures
    • Guide
    • Maps
    • Cover
    • Masks
  • Illustrations
  • Editorial/Proofing
  • Production
  • ePublishing
  • eBooks
  • Apps

If you want us to help you create, design, produce and publish your book please email us at info@arttracer.com

We appreciate any feedback you have on any of our products.